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Thursday, 18 February 2021

Matters of Public Importance


3:49 pm

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We will continue to argue the case for technology and not engage in the science denial of the members opposite. We have an opposition that is full of nuclear science deniers. We have the Marxist member for Melbourne, who is part of their coalition, who denies the science of nuclear power, who has engaged in the science denial of genetically enhanced foods. One of his colleagues in the Senate, Senator Hanson-Young, has openly admitted that the Greens political party is being influenced by the science deniers of vaccines. At this critical time, the Greens are full of science deniers and we have a Labor Party full of nuclear science deniers, and they dare come into this chamber and lecture members on this side of the chamber who see the opportunity of technology to be part of the stewardship of the future of our environment and our economy to build the future of this country.

That's why we won't take lectures from members opposite—because our record is proud and true, because our commitment is clear. While they want to hold back the future, we want to build it. Yes, the Morrison government have done it at every step, in terms of advancing our economy, our environment and our society. We have been consistent in our approach to managing the challenges, for instance, of Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act. The minister has looked very closely at what we can do to make sure we improve the legislation to build standards that can ensure the whole of the country is taken on this journey.

We heard before from the Assistant Minister for Waster Reduction and Environmental Management about his commitments and his projects, particularly in the area of environmental stewardship, in making sure that we get a circular economy. We see the potential to repurpose existing resources—recycle them, repurpose them, reuse them—as part of the continuing economic growth of our country. That's one of the reasons why we are Liberals; we see the potential of turning waste to potential, while Labor is always part of the old industrialist mindset of abusing the environment to deliver for today.

They have no vision for the future of this country. They do not see how they can improve and benefit our nation to be part of not just a greater responsibility for our continent but a contribution to a global effort. That's why their solution is always taxes. They say it isn't, but it always is. Before each election, they say they won't introduce taxes, and then as soon as the election is over they betray the commitment they gave to the Australian people. There are members on the other side of this chamber right now who are part of that betrayal and part of that misinformation. They continue to do it. When they go to the next election, they'll make the same promises. If they're elected to government, they'll break them again. The only solution that Labor ever see to any public policy challenge is to empower themselves, not to encourage Australians to take responsibility. They don't see the success of this country through the success of Australians; they see the success of Australia through themselves. That's why they have no commitment, no honesty and no consistency on these issues. (Time expired)


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