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Thursday, 20 September 2018

Questions without Notice

Morrison Government

2:12 pm

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I thank the member for La Trobe for his question. It is true: our government is standing with Australian families. We are standing with Australian families to keep our economy strong because that's how you guarantee the essential services that Australians rely on, whether it's hospitals, Medicare, aged care or any of the services that Australians rely on. Those services rely on a strong economy and a government that knows how to manage a budget, which this government has demonstrated over five years. And, on top of that, we are keeping Australians safe and we're bringing, and keeping, Australians together to focus on the challenges and the opportunities that are ahead. Australian families that are having a go will get a go. That's what fairness means in this country under our government, and that's what we will continue to strive for for the Australian people and Australian families, in particular.

We are guaranteeing, as a government, our government, choice in education—affordable education for all Australians, whether it is in state sector or the non-state sector. We believe passionately as Liberal and National parties in the choice of parents to educate their children in the sector that they believe is best for their children and that that be an affordable choice for all Australian parents. In the measures that have been announced by the Minister for Education today, in particular, funding for the non-state sector takes into account the actual parent income, which is relevant to those schools to ensure the funding is directed in the most equitable way. We welcome the support of both the Catholic Education Commission and the Independent Schools Council of Australia, who understand and have been delivering choice for parents for generations and generations. Those sectors have always understood that they have an ally and a partner in the Liberal and National parties, not just because we fund it but because we believe in it. That's why they can trust us when it comes to affordable education.

Australian families know we're protecting them when it comes to food contamination through the swift action we've taken in relation to the strawberries crisis that we've seen in recent days, and I thank the House for its support of that legislation. Australian families affected by drought know we're taking every step, like making sure the feed and the hay can get from where it's grown to where it's needed, by simple changes and getting rid of non-commonsense regulations. That means the trucks can keep going across state borders. They can keep on trucking to get the hay to where it's needed, because that's where the families need it. Australian families know that we're acting on family budgets to get electricity prices down and to deliver real tax relief to Australian families. There is more than $1,000 for them in that relief. We're standing up for Australian families—

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