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Thursday, 21 June 2018


Treasury Laws Amendment (Personal Income Tax Plan) Bill 2018; Consideration of Senate Message

10:02 am

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No, what I have ruled is what the Practice states and what the rules are. It's very clear. I've tried to explain it as delicately as I can. I understand that while many members mightn't understand that procedure—I certainly didn't before I became Speaker—it's stated in black and white. You can move an amendment, and it can even be seconded, but, until that amendment is before the chair, the question is before the chair—in this case, that the reasons be adopted—and at any point the closure can be moved. I'm going to labour the point on this because I'm not going to have that reflection. Practice states:

… 'That the question be now put' may be moved while a Member is moving an amendment. If this is agreed to, the question on the original question is then put immediately. The motion for the closure of question may also be moved while the Member who has seconded an amendment is addressing the House and, once again, the closure applies …

I understand that's not widely appreciated, but it couldn't be more clear.

The Treasurer has now moved that the motion be put. That is the question before the House. This has existed for quite a period of time. I'm not going to go through all the precedents, but there are certain members who are very familiar with it. The question is that the motion be put.


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