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Thursday, 26 October 2017

Matters of Public Importance

Turnbull Government

4:12 pm

Photo of David LittleproudDavid Littleproud (Maranoa, National Party) Share this | Hansard source

She has, Mr Deputy Speaker. These are the sorts of values and principles that they want to defend and they cannot defend those actions. The reality is, if we were lumbered with a Labor government after the next election, we would see these values and principles trickle down through our nation and that is not something that we can allow to happen.

Finally, because of the work that we in the government have done, we are pulling the economic levers to get growth within this nation. Over 800,000 jobs have been created on our watch. We are pulling the economic levers that are creating jobs. But because those opposite are so intrinsically tied to the union movement, because they are so part of the union movement, because they are part of the values and principles of the labour movement, they cannot understand how an economy works and they will bring those values and principles of big government. Those opposite don't understand that if you empower your nation, if you give people the environment and the infrastructure to create wealth and to create the jobs, they will do it for our nation because they are good people who understand what a hard day's work will do for them and for this nation. They are the principles and values this side uphold, every day of the week. Those low union movements that come out and attack children in this day and age are deplorable.

I'm proud to say that we on this side will hold firm on this. We will make sure that we won't be distracted from where we need to go in isolating the union movement and the actions that they've undertaken over the last years. This is something I'm proud to say that we will continue, despite the theatrics that we see from those opposite.


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