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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Matters of Public Importance

Health and Education Funding

3:55 pm

Photo of Darren ChesterDarren Chester (Gippsland, National Party, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Defence) Share this | Hansard source

But I would be sensitive as well if I knew what was coming up tonight on the ABC. I would be sensitive if I were you as well, because probably the best thing that has happened to the ABC ratings in living memory is the next episode of The Killing Season.

Speaking of the ABC, I know those opposite do not like facts, but they do like their ABC. But what did the ABC Fact Check have to say about Labor's claims of a $30 billion cut to the education budget? This is on the 2014 budget, almost a year ago, and this is what came about.

On May 22, Opposition education spokeswoman Kate Ellis told the media that "Tony Abbott and Christopher Pyne, rather than improving Australian schools, have announced $30 billion in cuts to our schools".

That is the claim that has been made. So ABC Fact Check had a look at what the budget actually says about school funding:

Funding will be increasing in accordance with the existing Labor plan until 2018.

The verdict from ABC Fact Check was:

The Government did not cut $30 billion from schools in the May budget.

They have gone quiet all of a sudden. Hang on—ABC Fact Check's verdict was:

The Government did not cut $30 billion from schools in the May budget.

ABC Fact Check went on:

… in reality there is just too much uncertainty for this long-term estimate to be used as a reliable measure for cuts or savings.

Ms Ellis is spouting rubbery figures.

Fancy that! Your scare campaign has been exposed for what it is. It is one long scare campaign based on rubbery figures. Members opposite know it and the Australian people know it.

Let's move forward to the 2015 budget, look at this year's budget figures and again consider some facts. I know that those opposite do not like the facts, but the 2015-16 budget delivers a record 15.7 billion in funding for all schools across Australia. And $69.5 billion in funding over the forward estimates will be provided for both government and non-government schools in all states and territories. Total Commonwealth funding for all schools will increase by $4.1 billion, a 27.9 per cent increase from 2014-15 to 2018-19.

It is all starting to go horribly wrong for those opposite. The bitter irony is just starting to sink in. Kevin Rudd, the bloke they sacked and then brought back to try to save the furniture, has put in place rules that actually protect the member for Maribyrnong. They cannot sack him—the guy who sacked two prime ministers—and the bitter irony is starting to sink in for them. They cannot sack him. Those opposite never trusted him, the Australian people will never trust him, and as long as he leads this once-great party— (Time expired)


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