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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Questions without Notice

Carbon Pricing

2:10 pm

Photo of Julia GillardJulia Gillard (Lalor, Australian Labor Party, Prime Minister) Share this | Hansard source

Thank you very much. I was asked a question about electricity prices, and the Leader of the Opposition specifically used global figures, not figures associated with carbon pricing, and that is the point. The Leader of the Opposition has been out there pretending to the Australian people that every increase in electricity is about carbon pricing. That is not true, has never been true. This is a campaign of falsehood. A mendacious campaign designed to mislead the Australian people.

The Leader of the Opposition well knows, if he wants to be truthful about this, that we have factors in electricity pricing, like the so-called goldplating of the network. He refused to speak about that publicly last year when I was working through, with premiers and chief ministers from around the country, what we could do about the design of the electricity market to make a difference for families. We did work that through. We agreed it in COAG in December, despite the Leader of the Opposition, during an issue of national importance, being out there talking nonsense about electricity pricing. We dealt with the central issues at the Council of Australian Governments in order to provide some relief for families.

Of course if it was just this false claim on carbon pricing, that would be one thing. But the false claims just stack up and stack up and stack up. I remind the Leader of the Opposition that he said during 2012:

I've just come back from China … and the last thing they want to do … is [hit] their people with a carbon tax.

Then he went on to say, 'China is never going to hit themselves with an emissions trading scheme.' As usual on carbon pricing: wrong, wrong and wrong. The Leader of the Opposition is pretending that other countries are not acting, when China has acted and countries around the world are acting. It is the Leader of the Opposition who is left behind with his falsehoods and his fear campaign.


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