House debates

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Private Members’ Business

Australia’s Future Tax System Review

Debate resumed from 18 October, on motion by Mr Hockey:

That this House:

notes that:
Australia’s Future Tax System Review (the ‘Henry Review’) made a large number of recommendations in relation to the system of taxation;
the Government implemented very few of the recommendations;
the Government has so far not released any of the Treasury modelling or other relevant information and advice underlying the recommendations; and
release of that information would be in the best interests of the community by facilitating a fully informed public debate about the way forward for taxation reform;
orders the Government to release within five working days from the date of this motion, all of the relevant modelling, costings, working papers and supporting information underlying the ‘Henry Review’;
requires that, from the date of this motion, no existing papers, emails or other information relating to the ‘Henry Review’ may be destroyed; and
requires the Secretary of the Treasury to warrant to the House that all relevant documentation underlying the ‘Henry Review’ has been released.


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