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Thursday, 3 June 2010


Rudd Labor Government

4:30 pm

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Facebook is an emerging and powerful tool for local people to communicate with their elected representatives. Just 48 hours ago I wrote to 1,400 local Redland residents, none of whom are aligned to political parties, and asked for their say on what they think about Mr Rudd and where Australia is heading—Redlanders having their say. I will read out their words, condensed but not selected in any way.

Damien Buckley, 35, Thornlands: ‘Where is my broadband, Mr Rudd? Why am I paying for your campaign advertising, Mr Rudd? Why are you slugging my meagre investments? Why am I paying for illegal immigrants to be kept in motels?’ Amy, from Cleveland: ‘Mr Rudd is turning everything that we want and need to suit himself and not our country.’ Emily Wilson, 22, Cleveland: ‘Does “he is a clown” sum it up?’ Terri Davidson, 42, Alexandra Hills: ‘Dear Mr Rudd, if you believe you’re doing such a great job for us, please feel free to come and live my life, on my budget, and see how much you enjoy the life you are giving us.’ Tim Marley, 22, Wellington Point: ‘The young people are watching our Prime Minister waste our nation’s money on poorly designed and poorly implemented plans for the future.’ Katrina Malone, 39, Alexandra Hills: ‘What happened to Mr Rudd’s promise for more support and help for autism?’ Anthony Davis, 19, Birkdale: ‘Andrew, can we get cheaper fuel please, because I’ve got a four-wheel-drive now. I like to get outdoors and have some fun, but I can’t afford it on uni wage, which is jack all. Thanks.’ Chris Schneider, 28, Thornlands: ‘If only hot air could solve problems. If only rhetoric could find solutions. If only bureaucrats knew how to look after working families. If only dictators could understand the people, Kevin Rudd would be doing a great job.’ Anonymous: ‘No substance, policy back-flipping, the bureaucrat is only concerned with what is most popular in the polls.’ Bronwyn Hope, Redland Bay: ‘I’m getting tired of constant electioneering and spin. Let’s have some substance. Answer a straight question with a straight answer without treating your country like it’s full of idiots.’ Marie Stuart, 46, Cleveland: ‘I want to see some outcomes and less talk.’ Adam Haylock, 24, Mount Cotton: ‘Kevin, why are you letting Anna Bligh take it upon herself to sell Queensland Rail and various other assets that we own?’ Sheriden Merrin, 19, Redland Bay: ‘He has a lot of empty promises. He’s promised to stop whaling and improve health care.’ Anthony Nix, 43, Wellington Point: ‘Andrew, I personally do not think Kevin Rudd is a bad person and he could have been a good Prime Minister. What has let him down is really bad advice and a really incompetent ministerial team. That left him having to lie to regain some type of credibility with the Australian people.’ Nikki Palelei, 22, Thorneside: ‘I think Mr Rudd is doing a good job. I didn’t vote for him but I’m glad he got the job and say “Well done” to him.’ Kieran Ewald, 19, Thornlands: ‘I agree Kevin’s doing a good job. I’m glad he is where he is. I agree, though, that I don’t like Anna.’ Matthew Russell: ‘If you think Mr Rudd’s doing a good job, you’re living under a rock. Pick up a newspaper and see Mr Rudd’s empty promises. One thing you can say to Mr Rudd is: “When will we get our stay in a four-star hotel on taxpayers’ money when we come to this country illegally?”‘ Brian Gleeson, 36, Alexandra Hills: ‘Mr Rudd, if the buck stops with you, as you have stated on so many occasions, why are you still drawing a pay cheque, if your programs have all failed and then cost taxpayers millions to fix?’ Clare Jansz: ‘Mr Rudd, get your head out of the clouds and your hand out of our pockets.’ Kate Miller, 22, Birkdale: ‘Stop flicking your hair. It makes you look like a creep.’ Rob Spence, 21, Birkdale: ‘I think the great big new tax should be called a get-out-of-town tax.’ Nicole Blight, 37, Alexandra Hills: ‘As my two-year-old would say: “Who are you, Mr Rudd, and what are you doing there?’ Megan Mothershaw, 27, Capalaba: ‘Don’t fail Australia, Mr Rudd. Give us the PM we so desperately need.’ Karl Haase, 22, Alex Hills: ‘Kevin Rudd did poorly during the recession and is now trying to make it worse with a resource tax. I don’t like either option, but I do not like a resource tax which will kill the Australian economy.’ Darrin Hewitt, 44, Cleveland: ‘Stop overpromising and underdelivering.’ Anne Howe, 50, Thornlands: ‘It’s outrageous that trainee nurses are forced to find tuition fees.’ Anousha Gilroy, 20, Birkdale: ‘I think that workplace bullying needs to be addressed.’ Darren Skiggs, 40, Victoria Point: ‘Do as I say, not as I do: buy Australian made.’ Cheryllea Shooter, 52, Victoria Point: ‘Krudd. What more can I say? His name says it all.’ Matthew Pannam, 17, Thornlands: ‘Where is our national broadband, Mr Rudd?’ Kurt Henselin: ‘Kevin Rudd is a dud Prime Minister. Get rid of him.’ Peta Egan: ‘Mr Rudd, I don’t believe anything you say anymore.’ Luke Clifton, 21, Victoria Point: ‘Tell him he’s better than Howard, but he still needs to improve.’ Dean Bottrell, 21, Capalaba: ‘Another $900 please.’ Alicia Anne Black, 29, Birkdale: ‘Why does my three-year-old have to pay for Mr Rudd’s incompetence?’ Matthew Russell, 21, Wellington Point: ‘Mr Rudd, you fail at your job. Anyone else would of been fired by now because of your mistakes.’ Nic Hansford, 18, Cleveland: ‘Why can’t Australia have a 24-hour rail network?’ Dean Davison: Mr Rudd, just look beneath the surface and see through your facade of trustworthiness and competency disappear.’ Sheriden Merrin: ‘You’re all talk and no action.’

These are young people in the Redlands having their say. I am sorry, Mr Rudd—this year they will also have their vote. (Time expired


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