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Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Matters of Public Importance

Rudd Government

5:05 pm

Photo of Julie CollinsJulie Collins (Franklin, Australian Labor Party) Share this | Hansard source

They are admitting to it over there. The member for O’Connor is admitting they are going to stop the NBN rollout. I hope they come down to Tasmania and tell the electorate and the state of Tasmania that they are going to stop the rollout of the NBN, because I can tell you that it has been well received down there. Everybody in Tasmania supports the NBN. We even have the Leader of the Liberal Party, Will Hodgman, saying that he supports the NBN. He said:

The Tasmanian Liberals believe there are great opportunities for Tasmania … to capitalise on the NBN … As Premier I would work with the Federal Government to ensure a speedy roll-out of the NBN—

I am sure he would—

and then actively pursue ways to capitalise on the benefits it presents to our states.

The NBN has been really important in my home state of Tasmania and Mr Abbott has been very clear that he thinks it is a waste of money and that he is going to stop that rollout. It is absolutely galling to come in here and hear about ‘integrity’ when they are the ones with the lack of integrity, because they are not being honest with the people of Tasmania about what they really think about the NBN.

We have also heard from previous speakers about Mr Abbott and his lack of integrity when it comes to the Medicare safety net—that cast-iron, rock-solid guarantee. We have heard about the ETS and the dental health scheme. Those opposite are not being honest with the Australian people that they are the ones holding up a lot of our election commitments in the other place, in the Senate. They are voting against our election commitments, the ones we have a mandate for and that we want to deliver to the Australian people, and the only thing between us and delivering that is you. It is the opposition in the Senate which is not delivering on our election commitments. The biggest obstacle to us delivering on our election commitments is the Liberal Party of Australia in the Senate. That is the truth of the matter. One of the other things I have seen in my home state that has been particularly galling is the lack of integrity involved in failing to support the stimulus package in this place and then going out and having your picture taken pretending you supported it.


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