Email Alerts


Request an Email Alert

This page allows you to request an email alert from

  • To receive an alert every time a particular person appears, select their name from the drop-down list and leave the word/phrase box blank.
  • To receive an alert every time a particular keyword or phrase appears, select "Any Representative or Senator" from the drop-down list, and enter your search term in the box underneath. The results are selected using the same rules as for a normal search (see the box to the right for help on setting your criteria).
  • You can also combine both types of criteria to be alerted only when a particular person uses the keywords you have defined. To do this, select the person from the drop-down list and enter the keyword(s) as above.

Please note that you should only enter one topic per alert - if you wish to receive alerts on more than one topic, or for more than one person, simply fill in this form as many times as you need.

If you join or log in, you won't need to confirm your email address for every alert you set.