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Ray Bazouni
Posted on 20 Nov 2015 12:44 pm

Bradbury is delusional and obviously didn't know Brother Richard at all. He was my principal at Patrician Brothers Granville in 1985-86. I too remember the school camp referred to by Brandon Chant where he lined us all up naked in the group shower in 1985. What a sick piece of work! I remember all us kids knew you wouldn't want to be called up to his office because we all knew he was a sick paedophile. I'm sure the adults would have known too, as this was no secret to any of us kids there at the time. And that stupid dog of his - we'd all peg rubbers and the like at it whenever Brother Richard left the classroom. The dog was so old and feeble it would walk out almost in slow motion but it would eventually follow him out of the classroom. I hope he's in hell right now where he belongs.

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