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Harry Makris
Posted on 6 Jun 2015 8:46 pm

From Harry Makris..

Keyneton Studios....The Academy Planet

To The Members of Parliament (both Houses)

My intention is to be brief.....

.........It must be absolutely clear by "Now" that there is something terribly Wrong with the wind farm roll out strategy in this State and nationally.

It is not appropriate to pass any Bill on the matter (Renewable Energy (Electricity) Amendment Bill 2015) while the Senate Select Committee on Wind Turbines Inquiry has not been finalised.

The negative impact on communities has been exposed time after time and at length...(see the responses/submissions to the Wind farm interim DPA amendment (SA), together with other States and Senate Inquires into the matter)......However, .the most troubling aspect for me is that of "Community Division and property devaluation stress".

It is important for Rural communities (distinct from the cities) to have a sense of community (safety/security and social cohesion) which has been the case in my experience since I moved to the district some 40 years ago.......but now.....with proposals and applications for further wind farms in the area,.... things have certainly changed......with proponents and objectors to the proposal at each-others throats (real and not to be taken lightly)....makes one sick....
.An effect, the COST of which cannot be calculated...

It seems as if Transmission Line convenience has given way to good sense......all it would take to arrest the situation and restore Peace, would be to build these installations on dedicated wind farm land of which Australia has ample ......together with dedicated Transmission Lines and corridors (strategically planned to address future national development) and subsequently connect to the existing in the Green Net Proposition.

In the Interest of all involved....the Citizenry, ..the Corporations,...the Government...and the Future of the State/Nation....
.........a Moratorium should be placed on any further wind farm development based on the current model....... until the Senate Inquiry recommendations become clear.

.........and given that these projects have a minimum life of 25 years and beyond (many terms of many governments of whatever conviction) ......a New (bi-partisan} model be developed which is viable, and can accommodate the interests of all parties......after all that is the role of Government.

Even though the current policy is a Mess to say the does in fact represent the timely opportunity to get things "right"....alternatively, they can only get "worse"! ..which is apparent and of no benefit to anyone.

One needs to be mindful of the true Cost of Wind Farms...

Wind machines have a massive carbon and geographic footprint, are a drain on Government revenues (RECs),... have questionable productivity, financial and technical claims,.... escalate electricity costs (anyone notice), and create a "foreign corporate dependence" in regard to electricity production and maintenance.....

They are large and cumbersome,.. visually offensive,... a danger to aircraft,...can catch firewild life moves away (Including Man). and are relentless killers of all manner of bird life including the majestic Wedge Tail Eagle which lives and breeds on the ridges.

Industrial wind farms are socially intrusive and divisive,... physically and mentally disturbing,... and a source of electromagnetic and infra-sound transmissions
Industrial Wind Farms are environmentally destructive,... financially damaging to surrounding communities creating a litigation nightmare,.... and turbines, with far too many moving-parts to be considered green, sustainable, or whatever other motherhood tag one wishes to apply.

Wind farms are old technology and only serve the foreign wind-power manufacturing industries which are Hungry for new markets.....Come in spinner..

Politicians from both sides have moved away from the current wind farm strategy in regard to wind farm approvals around communities and naturally beautiful Landscapes, and have called for a Moratorium,... and I suspect, not before too long, a Royal Commission to find out where the money went and who got it....
.....and with $Multi-billions worth of proposed wind farm installations Nationally,
please tell me there wont be any leakage$$$$.!!?. Capitalism at its best!

What an inane state of affairs....!! Losses at every turn.
Australia has a diverse environment/landscape full of inspiring contradictions, a much sought after refuge from the industrialised world. With the dismantling of our manufacturing and changes in our mining base, it is now tourism which represents our collective economic potential.
A landscape, littered with turbines does not auger well for an industry which wishes to accommodate those seeking the uniquely fulfilling experience which only Australia can offer.

Harry Makris ....Keyneton

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