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Posted on 18 Dec 2012 4:48 pm

I have read with horror the comments made by David Bradbury. All can say is that my experience with Brother Richard was very different to the great man he described. I recently returned to Smithfield where I grew up and was shown the article by Bradbury. It is difficult to know where to start with the injustices that that fiend inflicted on defenseless students. I attended Patrician Brothers in 1975 and 1976 and was at the Junior School. I remember clearly getting into trouble in the class I was in and being put into his class, which was 6A and he had the middle classroom that faced onto the then Horsley Drive. Doheny after lunch would shut the curtains and light a cigarette (that he had in a cigarette holder) and call one of his favorite children to come and sit on his lap while Doheny had is hand in cassock and touching his penis. He used to have this dog called digger. We went to these camps at Douglas Park and the shower consisted of a canvas sheet and a hose and we used to have to line up and we would soap ourselves up while he hosed us down and commented on our bodies. If we needed to move anywhere he was always touching us on the buttocks. I once got caught being somewhere in Fairfield where I should not have been and he called me into his back office in the walk way to the class rooms and he asked me questions like, Did they touch your privates and numerous other questions like that. There was no reason to ask me questions like that but all the time he was talking to me he had his hand under his Cossack and was masturbating. I too was struck lots of times by that rubber strap that he had and I witnessed the way he would beat and bully other students who didnt do what he asked. So yes, lets remember Doheny as the fiend as he was. He was pedophile and bully. So never write that he was a "great man" again because there are lots of other children who remember him the way I have described . I support the claims of Carlos and Brandon.

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