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robert nelson
Posted on 3 Oct 2008 2:52 pm

Hi,i would just like to coment on this artical,as i work at Dinmore JBS as a slicer,i would clearly state that there are 450-500 chinese male & female workers + 200 brazillian male & female workers,when brought over on there visa,there partners also came with them,maybe 10% of the total were skilled,while the rest were trained up to standards,they still cant speak Australian after 3 yrs.Since January this year i have had 23 stand downs & a loss of $4500.00, & my partner also $3500.00 as of today,with another 8 mths till finacial year ends,they have filled the w/end shift,& the night shift to nearly full capacity,which means there is no options for the Australian workers to replace there loss of income with doing an extra days pay to cover the stand downs,they have left the dayshift only 75% of full permanent workers, so the internationals workers can come in for extra days ,where they are receiving 5-6 day pays,to make shore they dont go under the $43,000.00 gauranted,where we are gauranted nothing,i do hope that more pressure is put on to them,& give us a fair go attitude that us employees deserve,they need to be advertising at schools for juniors to come in & fill these position,before there is no more future for myself & my 3 sons if needed a job there,ps i do hope that we can be granted a gauranted $43,000.00, the same right as they are giving them,where it would be are win for ourselves to have that in writing,then JBS can have as many standowns as they like,also we are left with 2-3 wks anual leave left,where they could be planing to shutdown for 7wks at xmass,with no personal or finacial help offered to the Australin worker,cheer Rob...

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