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carlos aparicio
Posted on 13 Apr 2012 8:15 pm

i too attended patrician brothers granville during the mid 80's. i also confirm brandon's comments. brother richard was an evil predator of young boys. i also remember that dirty unwashed dog of his in the class room & his bag on the floor with porn in it.

he was the only person in my entire life that scared me to death. i too felt the sting of his rubber strap first week at school for taking shelter in the corradoor from the rain.

school camps horrified me. he would watch us shower & if he didn't think we washed enough he would reach in & wash us himself. i ended up swalling detergent, burning my throat to get out of camp.

playing handball before school i broke his office window with the tennis ball. i passed out in fear. not for getting in trouble or breaking the window. but of brother richard. he grabbed me by the neck & kept me in his office all day. i missed all classes.

that's when to my horror i saw what he'd been doing to another student who rarely attended classes coz he spent all day everyday in brother richards office. i was forced to sit in the corner of his office & watch him with his hands down this students pants while sitting on his lap. he ordered me to approach. if i had a knife i would have cut my own throat.

there's more. i could go on but i won't coz a can't stop shaking. i know for a fact there are others out there who are glad that this evil monster is now burning in hell for his sins.

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