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Brandon Chant
Posted on 27 Apr 2010 6:51 pm

I find it so strange when I read such glorified and positive comments about Brother Richard. He was my school principal at Patrician Brothers Granville in 1985 and 1986. He was also my english teacher in Year 6.

I found Brother Richard to be a brute of a man, always accompanied by his flea-ridden mut (Suzie I believe it was called), who assaulted myself and many other students on a regular basis with his rubber strap. I remember living in absolute fear of him. I remember clearly being brutalised by him on many occasions - once for spelling the work "inclusive" incorrectly.

I also remember him lining us all up naked in the group shower at school camp in 1985, and repeating over and over in his Irish accent "Isn't it beautiful boys."

What I have written above I swear to be the truth, and would gladly swear the above in front of a court and on a lie detector test.

The man was a pig, and I am so glad he has left this world.

So whilst you glorify him, I detest him, his memory, and the evil actions he visited on us "boys". What a hideous start to our lives and a detestable introduction to the Patrician Brothers.

So let's remember him how he ACTUALLY was, shall we?

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