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Peter Smith
Posted on 2 Jun 2020 3:44 pm

Disgusted, well that is one of many words that explains this evil sod. A couple of months ago I came across this blog and was mortified that SO many young boys and young men were affected by him - Richard Doheny (definitely does not deserve the title of Brother or any title for that matter).

The horrible things this cretan did to me will be etched in my memory, his most evil predatory nature shaped things for my future that I never asked for or obviously wanted.

I felt ill to the bone when I read the things the other gentleman had wrote about their past experiences. It was all to real again. His nicotine stained fingers, that chilling urrrrrrgh he would expel from that pathetic smoke stained mouth, hiding behind a religious cover. I will say, as hard as it is I lost count of the abuse he inflicted on me, not to mention the abuse in class in front of my classmates. The Strap, his flee ridden mut, that shitty Coaster bus, his scary office, his evil whispers and well.... that is as much as i can say and handle today.

Out of all of this I want to Thank you for now, everyone who has brought this up from their past, it is isn't easy, but just to say Thank you to you for doing this. This has opened things up for me, it has become a personal pursuit of mine, after allowing this horrible part of my life to be brought to the surface, i will not just let it lie.

Thank you as well to a couple of people on here who have given their support.

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