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Andrew Jackson
Posted on 25 Feb 2020 2:27 pm

Excellent to see that even the LNP can see the evil of the neo-liberal agenda forced on us by the likes of Keating and others.

We need a complete commitment to Australian Manufacturing and Australian ownership of existing Australian primary secondary and tertiary industry. Only ownership by foreigners should be where they start from scratch and establish an industry.

Dairy Farmers is under attack from Red China at the same time that ASIO has intimated that Red China is spying on us with sleeper cells, It is time for Government to publically name Red CHina for what it is The Red Rat Enemy of the Free World.

IN his Maiden QUestion DLP Senator John Madigan asked about Australian Army Uniforms being manufactured by a nation that in the future is likely to kill some of the wearers of these uniforms.

We need to task the Department of FOreign Affairs and Trade with
1) Finding alternative markets for Australian COal and Iron Ore.
2) Assisting Australian Importers to find products that are better quality and consequently more environmentally friendly than CHinese crap.

I have bought a Garden Fork from a well known hardware chain and returned wrecked 24 HOurs later. AUstralian Brand Name product had been degraded by CHain to Made in CHIna" quality and the chain happily accepted my returned Fork and explanation that the poor quality product was Unfit for PUrpose. THe Chain still sells this CHinese crap.

THe Same CHain sold me CHinese COat Hangers that lasted days before breaking. These coat hangers sat in Wardrobe next to a Wooden and Wire product handed out by a UK DRy CLeaning Company for free just after 2nd WOrld WAr. THe free one lasted 25,000 lomnger than the Hardware Chain Chinese PRoduct

Whilst imbeciles are screaming about plastic straws we are allowing retailers to sell sub standard Chinese crap. THis is theft from community as well as environmental vandalism.

WE need Government to intervene in economy to impose minimum standards and ensure that those who attempt to breach those minimum standards pay the full cost of regulation. Major Chain brings in sub standard shit, should be required to keep recvoprds of who they sold product to, replaces all items sold plus pays for full cost of regulation prosecution and enforcement.

No product thart does not meet Australian STandards should bwe allowed to be impoerted. AUstralian STandards should become minimum standards and a gradual increase in the quality of those standards implemented eg
LIfe of ELectric Kettle
2020 Imports 5 YEar Warranty (Exemption for stock in transit but mandatory jail sentence for managers and directors of companies that use this exemption falsely)
2021 IMports 10 YEar Warranty plus mandatory spare parts availability with automatic total loss of assets for DIrectors of COmpanies that fail this minimum standard. DIrectors and managers need to know these standards will be enforced even if it means sending Full BOard of Major RETailer to jail.t
2022 IMports 20 Year Warranty
2025 50 YEar Warranty

THe Garden FOrk that replaced the Chinese crap fork has been replaced by a Bulldog BRand product from WIgan in UK with a LIfetime Warranty. QUality can be improved.

Made in Australia needs to become high quality products superior to CHinese crap.

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