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Andrew Jackson
Posted on 18 Nov 2019 1:24 pm

Senator McGrath
Dams are a natural monopoly. A free market can therefore not work. Government has a responsibility to build dams so that anyone on reticulated water has water without restrictions.

Both ALP and LNP have been failures in building Dams.

Paradise Dam clearly needs to be replaced .
It would appear that dam is no longer capable of holding the amount of water we were told it was designed to hold.

There is suspicion that Wivenhoe/ Somerset system has problems. These problems have been known to exist since 1974 Brisbane Flood when water had to be released to prevent catastrophe. Similarly in 2011 Catastrophe was averted by good dam management.

Dam design should ensure that the dam can hold the amount of water needed foe water supply and flood mitigation.

Why has NO GOVERNMENT addressed this? 45 Years should have been sufficient time.

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