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Bianco Salsano
Posted on 8 Aug 2019 3:14 am

Dear Pauline Hanson, MP for Queensland, the aforementioned suicide figures provided in your statement on victim casualties nation wide for female and males is erroneous.

The discrepancies on data, whether incorrectly interpreted or oppressed is irreverent at this stage.

Should you wish to discus important issues of suicide and the below in further context please feel free to make contact accordingly.

Please note; Three weeks of combining correct data and dissecting the crude methodology whilst navigating the ABS portal took place to derive at these true values. They have been further reviewed accordingly.

1. 2604 Australians per day died by suicide in 2016

Compared to Yemen being a country at war with an estimated same size population as Australia, only 16 suicide's per day.

2. Adjusted and compared to Denmark where we had used the Denmark national death toll and compared the rate to Australia if Denmark was to have the same population equated to total of deaths in Denmark being 66,430 pa compared to Australia being 335,000 pa.

For a country such as Yemen that has far greater emotional distresses, family discord amidst torn and broken environments, pressures relating to employment, homelessness and general well-being indicators overall being virtually unpractical to have any momentarily state of peace without feeling at unease. To compare the suicide toll of Australia and find that the Holocaust death toll for the total length of time is similar to that of Australian lives by way of suicide.

Since 2002 growing steadily by 10,000 to 25,000 year over 10-15 years, we don't simply just have a small problem in Australia, we have a nation wide epidemic and a considerable lack thereof understanding. If the implications of this statue can not be understood or rectified then we have a serious issue here.

Furthermore, a distinct marker resulting in a decline of national population rate had been receding over the last 15-20 years.

I hope you can appreciate the time and and effort that went into deriving at the true rate not the crude rate. We need change in this nation and we need it yesterday.

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