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Zhan Pintu
Posted on 27 Jul 2019 8:38 am

The despotic CCP of Xi Jinping's '1984' type Orwellian totalitarian control China is almost beyond belief. However, the quicker Australia and other nations believe the evidence of the horrors that China currently inflicts on any labelled as 'dissidents' the sooner they may start to 'diversify its trade agreement options'. China is a proud atheist State regime and, as detailed in CHINA 'FINAL SOLUTIONS' published via Amazon is still medically murdering innocent citizens because they have been conveniently labelled as a cult to secure their marketable body organs. Christians also are now currently on the persecution list. Perhaps our Christian PM needs to have a reality check with the Cabinet AFTER he and they read the evidence . . . It is not an 'internal issue' but a human rights issue and the Chinese Ambassador needs to be bluntly told Australia is VERY concerned [unless our politicians are being paid in kind for their silence by the CCP that is?]

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