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Andrew Fenton
Posted on 26 Mar 2019 3:54 pm

I find this speech very misleading. I am very surprised the ALP would support a corrupt Liberal government under the leadership of Noy Noy Aquino. Its a known secret in the Philippines that DeLima was not only supporting drug lords in the Filipino jails but she was directly profiting from their ongoing activites. How the ALP supports De Lima is beyond me. I have lived in the Philippines the last 3 years and know that its a different story living there. Under De Lima drug addicts were able to rape, steal and violate citizens at will. Every couple of days children's bodies were floating down stream from these addicts. This was all done under De Lima and the Liberal government. Please do your research your speech suggests you agree the drug addicts and drug lords have rights. They don't and praise President Duterte efforts in making the streets safer. The President has said on numerous occasions stop taking drugs and the war on drugs end.

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