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Michael Dixon
Posted on 27 Feb 2019 10:24 am

After Pells conviction yesterday, i did a search on Brother Richard to see if he had been done as a pedo as he defiantly was one, where i came across this page with the first post glorifying him, I'm glad to see, the truth about this creep in the following posts. I was at St Pats Granville from 85-88, Brother Richard was the most feared predator at that school, I coped his rubber strap on many occasions, having to go back and hold the legs of my desk (as they were metal and cold - to try and soothe the welts) "6 of the best" he would say cheerfully and he certainly enjoyed dishing it out, i clearly remember most classes i had with him, only due to how weird it was, almost every class, he would have a boy sit on his lap and feel them up as the rest of us did our work. total grub of a man. he should had rotted in prison

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