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Posted on 14 Feb 2019 1:05 pm

Andrew Broad - pity the system didn't allow you the space so that readers know how there is a Solution for the MDB.
First drafted in 2012 with a final document in 2017, the 17 page
solution for the whole MDB may be found in a document "A Better Way for the Murray Darling Basin" by Ken Jury, Senior Investigative Journalist of Goolwa SA.
It describes four main alterations above and around the Lower Lakes and Mundoo Channel. It allows for a saving of 'at least' 2700GL/yr for upstream growers and for the environment. In fine detail, the document describes how the Murray Mouth will be flushed at will on out going tides of about 5 hours as often as needed. In parallel, the Lower Lakes and Goolwa Channel surface levels will be reduced by no more than 20cm. No longer will the dredges by required.
It's a must read given todays circumstances.
Goolwa, located at the very bottom of the River Murray system.

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