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Tibor Majlath
Posted on 20 Dec 2018 4:09 pm

The member says that "They have form in this, because the last time that they were in office they wilfully increased the price of electricity by 100 per cent. They knew that their carbon tax would almost double the wholesale price of electricity..."

How does a 10% increase (due to the carbon tax) result in 100% increase?

Under the previous Labor government the price of electricity went from 13 cents/KWH in 2007 to 23 cents/KWH in 2012- an increase of about 77%. The supply charge went from 40 cents/day in 2007 to 86 cents/day in 2012 - an increase of about 120%.

Under this Coalition government 1KWh increased from 23c/KWH in 2012 to 33 c/KWH in 2018, that is an increase of 43%. While the service charges kept on increasing from 86 cents/day in 2012 to 130 cents/day in 2018, that is an increase of 51%.

Today, my energy supplier has again announced that gas and electricity will be going up by around $1.30/week each in the New Year or $135/year for both.

It seems that both political parties are 'wilfully increasing' the price of energy despite all the vacuous hype around lowering costs.

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