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Johannes Kock
Posted on 7 Dec 2018 6:32 pm

Residents in North Lakes are concerned about the ongoing uncertainty regarding the future of the North Lakes Golf Course and the fact that their local councillor, Ms Julie Greer, is not allowed to comment on or to discuss these issues with her local constituents. Residents feel disenfranchised by this absence of direct presentation on Council level.
I have submitted the following comments on the North Lakes Common website:
"Most residential property owners in North Lakes are opposed to any development that will increase traffic in and around North Lakes.
Noise pollution in and around North Lakes is already very high due to all the major road thoroughfares in and around the suburb.
Residents strongly oppose proposals that might have a negative impact on the quiet residential character of the suburb; they are opposed to any type of development that could potentially attract large numbers of people to sports amenities and other events on any part of the current golf course, especially over weekends when most residents put a premium on their quiet and privacy.
The preservation of all natural parkland is very important for residents in a densely populated suburb like North Lakes. They are reluctant to support development proposals that encroach on current open spaces and that might threaten the preservation of the little natural fauna and flora that still survive in and around the area"

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