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Posted on 21 Nov 2018 9:33 pm

I attended Patrician Bothers College Fairfield from 1975 to 1982. I have just stumbled onto this website after a family function on the weekend with my brothers and cousin who also attended PBCF. I think I remember Brian James; Cyclone Tracy in Darwin in 1974?

My 8 years at PBCF gave me a strong foundation in life. There were tremendous brothers like Aengus, Christopher, Anthony, Thomas, Mark etc who devoted their life to God and education.

Richard though was an absolute a***hole. I went on three camps at Douglas Park. In Yr 5, I was only 10 yo as were most of the boys. Why didn’t the lay teachers on staff speak up? There is nothing written above that I disagree with. The other comments are all consistent with my experiences at PBCF, from what I witnessed and from what I heard at the time. I fortunately was not abused by Richard and did not get a canning from him, I was truly lucky. Fortunately, this would not happen today in Australia, to that extent and with that brutality.

It is absolutely amazing that Richard was never charged. There must have been an overwhelming number of incidents and witnesses. Fortunately for Richard, he never ran into an ex-student outside school grounds, as it probably would have made the nightly news.

The M5 was being built in those years, the camp site was very close to the M5. Driving past on the way back to Sydney, I tell my wife and kids about the school camps (when camping was in actual tents in the bush), but I never mention Richard.

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