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Adrian Menzel
Posted on 22 Oct 2018 9:42 pm

I totally agree with Rowan.
With only 10.45% (2016) of the population living in rural areas the majority of people do not really know what happens out in the "bush".
Australia needs to wake up and make good use of some of its resources that we have an abundance of and make some money in doing so.
Kangaroos & Emu's are an example where they could be sold to overseas countries in various ways and by doing this as Rowan has stated, help our own environment to make it better for us.
This is a win, win situation as we bring in income from the sales and reduce the damage that they do to our country in numerous ways.
I understand that they are protected, however look at the big picture, change our laws to suit the situation.
Another good example of a unprotected species who have no real purpose in Australia and is a pest is the Galah.
Below shows the average prices of what we can receive from the sales of them.
Bird: Galah
Australian Price: 30 ($AUS)
Overseas Price: 1800 ($AUS)
The damage that they do, especially when crops have just germinated can be astronomical which is a loss to the farmers and that does not include any other damage that they do.
"Wake up Australia" and make better use of some of our animals and birds which are classed as pests to the people who live in the country and have to put up with them and their damage.

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