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Bernie Ramsay
Posted on 2 Aug 2018 9:19 pm

I can’t believe the comments I read above. I’ll never forget the torture and torment I was subjected to by this evil person. I can’t call him a man because he wasn’t as he was definatetly not somebody I looked up to. He terrorised students. I was there in 1978-79 and my memories are not jaded when I say I too experienced this uncomfortable treatment while on school camp. He would make it his duty to make sure he stripped us of our dignity. Many boys I went to school with then were abused sexually, one in which involved in the tent which he made sure he shared with us on many occasions.
I do recall he also, made an attempt with me but I was able to pull away from his grasp. I feel sorry for the boys he did successfully groom to abuse. Why was he allowed to get way with this right into the 90s. Why did our parents lack the intestinal fortitude to take legal action. Because the school would have threatened us with expulsion. Our parents didn’t want to rock the boat and didn’t believe the stories we told. Very sad actually. Bro Richard never faced the music. He never served time and now the Patrician Brothers are paying for it. Now that’s sad because the school had a huge impact on my education. I’m just glad I wised to his sick preying behaviour and avoided him.
I have no nice words to say sorry.

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