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Posted on 31 May 2018 12:44 pm

Sorry George - its Goolwa (not Gawler).

Truth be known, many South Australians say they do not want the 450GL. Riverland growers will tell you it will be wasted. Time and time again they repeat this. This 450 started as a stunt by a former PM and Water Minister on the Goolwa wharf. It seemed to be a feel good political offer at the time.
Its abundantly clear there needs to be more time spent on the reality of the Basin system including the Murray River and the Lower Lakes before one speaks.
Albeit, the locals are sick and tired of watching precious freshwater being wasted in the Lower Lakes. They are very concerned about the next drought leaving them high and dry while being surrounded in sulphuric acid. Lake Alexandrina alone contains in excess of 500 million tonnes of acid bearing soils.

I do offer this with credibility. Ive been working on the MDB and its P for 17 years as an Investigative Journalist who resides in GOOLWA.

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