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Brandon Chant
Posted on 8 Mar 2018 11:36 am

Mar Anton - tell us your stories about what made Brother Richard so lovely and kind. Clearly the experiences of myself and the others who have commented here are contradictory to your own. Given we have very clear memories of what Brother Richard was like, it would be good for you to elaborate on why you thought him to be so lovely. It would give your claim more weight, because as it stands, it would seem you’ve just made a very weak attempt to contradict what the rest of us have written here.

On another note I am very heartened to read the other comments on this thread. Whilst Brother Richard’s behaviour was evil and criminal, and no kid should have to experience it, it is good to know that other people also remember what he was really like, and I hope all of you gain some sense of closure from reading this thread. I am considering taking legal action against the Catholic Church because of the crimes committed by this monster, and I would encourage everyone else he terrorised to consider taking the same action.

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