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Stephen Manzini
Posted on 17 Dec 2017 11:25 pm

My name is Stephen Manzini. Istarted 5th class in 1975. The primary school principal was Brother Richard.Ne was a very cruel nasty man who seemed to get a lot of pleasure out of "belting boys" with the leather strap with the nails in the end of it. He was relentless.... The worst experience was the Douglas Park camps...Oh my God. Us kids could not be further removed from safety. Bro Richard would march us down a ply wood path, under the limb of a tree, completely naked, and made us wash in front of ,not only my peers, but the other Brothers. He also grabbed my genitals after I scrapped my self on the rocks absailing .....saying' look at how dirty you are boy' I was traumatised. I asked one of the womens auxillary to drive to Wilton and ring my Aunty and Uncle, who lived in Dapto to come and pick me up,which she did. Got me away from there. The ladies auxillary didn't know how to deal with this. Here's the stinger.......When I spoke to my Mum and Dad about what happened, they told me that I was a liar.When are people going to wake up to the fact that kids don't make this stuff up!

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