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Brett Hilder
Posted on 20 Jun 2017 2:50 pm

Ms. Bird,

1.You are known to be anti-private RTOs.
This is unjustifiable because the highest quality most innovative training and assessment comes from private RTOs (most of whom are SMEs).

2. Any standards expert, any RTO consultant, any RTO owner and any lawyer working in this space will tell you the current regulatory framework is completely unreliable. It was woeful in 2011 and has improved only partially since then.

3. The regulator's data collection and reports have proven to be misleading.

4. The only reason Australia has a good reputation for quality results in training is mostly due to the integrity of the private training providers.

The dodgy private providers have been relatively very few in number but large and as a result, damaging.

Dodgy training and assessment practices in TAFEs have been rife for years.

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