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Posted on 8 Sep 2016 4:41 pm

THis was MR Roy's last comment in Parliament.
HE was not re-elected because Not single minor party preferenced him. Apart from being the youngest MP he will be remembered as one who strayed from traditional liberalism socially and was part of a stampede of liberal's who rejected Australian employment to pander to Chinese jobs.

THe LIberal Party need to ensure taht in future they pick candidates who are supportive of LIberalism and not just pick GReens with the skills to infiltrate Liberal Branches.

IN 2010 he became only the 2nd Coalition candidate 55 YEars to be placved below the ALP on a DLP HOw TO VOTe.

IN 2016 He became the only ever Liberal to gain no Preferences from minor party How to Votes allocation. Even Family First did not allocate Preferences to him.

When Liberals put up candidates who are hostile toi their core values they have got to expect to loose votes and in this case Longman rejected a pro SSM pro Turnbull a pro Abortion and anti Australian jobs candidate.

Their local Branch needs to hang their head in shame for allowing this candidate to stray so far from the path of Menzies.

IF you endorse him again I will preference ALP and do as best I can to ensure that no minor candidate preferences him.

Andrew Jackson

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